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What we can do

Mixed Case (De)Palletizing

Upgrade your logistics workflow with our advanced Mixed Case (De)palletizer system, seamlessly combining the efficiency of our Mixed Case Palletizing and the precision of our Mixed Case Depalletizer.
Mixed Case Palletizing
Simplify stacking various-sized items at a rate of up to 500 boxes per hour with our three operating modes: Online Mode for real-time decisions, Buffer Base Mode for temporary storage, and Offline Mode for digital planning.

Mixed Case Depalletizing
Achieve a 99.99% box identification accuracy with versatile code recognition, dynamic conveyor integration, flexible configurations, and quick transitions to safe mode for efficient depalletizing.

Experience the synergy of our Mixed Case (De)palletizer solutions, optimizing your logistics with user-friendly technology.
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Piece Picking

Our state-of-the-art Piece Picking Automation system revolutionizes the fulfillment process by automating the selection and handling of individual items with unparalleled speed and precision.
Versatile Item Recognition
‍Equipped with advanced computer vision technology, our system excels at recognizing a wide range of items, from various shapes and sizes to products with intricate details. This ensures a seamless and accurate picking process for diverse inventory.

‍Dynamic Item Sorting
‍Efficiently sorts and organizes picked items based on predefined criteria, allowing for streamlined packing and shipping processes. The system's adaptability ensures compatibility with different packaging requirements and order specifications.

‍‍Scalable Integration ‍
Designed for seamless integration into existing warehouse setups, our solution is scalable to accommodate growing business needs. Whether you operate a small facility or a large distribution center, our Piece Picking Automation can be tailored to enhance your operations without significant disruptions.

Enhanced Operational Accuracy
By minimizing manual intervention, our automation solution reduces the risk of errors and enhances overall operational accuracy. This translates to fewer order discrepancies, improved customer satisfaction, and increased efficiency in your fulfillment processes.
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Pharmaceutical fulfillment

Our pharmaceutical robotic arm solution is designed to automate the process of picking specific goods and placing them with precision according to required logic.
Rapid Recognition and Swift Handling
Featuring an advanced robotic manipulator, our solution excels in swift and precise recognition of boxes containing pills or medications. The high-speed capabilities of the robotic arm ensure rapid and efficient handling, contributing to the overall acceleration of the pharmaceutical handling process.

Adaptable to Varied Packaging
Our high-speed robotic arm is engineered to adapt to a diverse range of pharmaceutical packaging, including different box sizes, shapes, and configurations. From blister packs to bottles, the system efficiently handles various packaging formats, maintaining its high-speed performance across different pharmaceutical products.

Plug-and-Play Integration
Experience a hassle-free implementation process with our plug-and-play design. The Pharma Robotic Arm Solution is engineered for easy integration into existing pharmaceutical setups, requiring minimal adjustments to your current infrastructure. This streamlined integration ensures a swift and trouble-free adoption of advanced automation technology.

‍Modular Adaptability
Tailor the robotic arm solution to your evolving needs with modular adaptability. Whether you're starting small and expanding gradually or have dynamic changes in your pharmaceutical processes, the system's modular design allows for easy adjustments and scalability, ensuring a future-proof solution.

Elevate your pharmaceutical handling processes with our Pharma Robotic Arm Solution, providing a reliable and precise automation solution tailored to the unique requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.
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Kitting Solution

Our cutting-edge Robotic Kitting Solution offers a highly efficient and structured approach to the identification, selection, and packaging of subscription kit items.
Designed to cater to a variety of items, including boxes, envelopes, food containers, and more.

Adaptable configurations enable you to achieve higher production rates while simultaneously reducing operational costs and dependency on manual labor.

Item Versatility
The system is capable of handling a wide range of items, from standard boxes to delicate envelopes and food containers, ensuring that your subscription kits are assembled with precision and care.

Configurable Robotics
To meet your specific production needs, our solution offers multiple robot configurations. Whether you require rapid processing or complex assembling logic, we can tailor the system to optimize your operations.

Operational Efficiency
By automating the kitting process, this solution significantly reduces operational costs. You can streamline your workflow and allocate your human resources more effectively.

Reduced Labor Dependency
With the implementation of robotics, you can minimize your reliance on manual labor, reducing the risk of errors and labor-related challenges.

Seamless Integration
We understand the importance of minimizing disruptions in your current environment. Our solution is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing setup, requiring minimal modifications and ensuring a smooth transition to automated kitting.

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How we do that

AI-Based Solutions

Utilize AI to replicate human actions, enabling rapid implementation within days with minimal adjustments

Closed Loop Control

Continuously monitor the environment any given time and receive real-time feedback to eliminate errors

Pinch and Vacuum Gripper

Combine a pinch gripper with vacuum gripper that helps to emulates human grasping, covering up to 100% of SKUs

AI-Based Solutions

Utilize AI to replicate human actions, enabling rapid implementation within days with minimal adjustments

Closed Loop Control

Continuously monitor the environment any given time and receive real-time feedback to eliminate errors

Pinch and Vacuum Gripper

Combine a pinch gripper with vacuum gripper that helps to emulates human grasping, covering up to 100% of SKUs

Benefits You'll Experience

Cost Savings

Achieve lower costs per pick compared to human labor. Payback period within three years

Enhanced Warehouse Productivity

Experience higher and more predictable productivity levels

Improved Quality

There is less room for human errors. Reduce failures and damages, enhancing overall quality for employees and consumers

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Coming soon

Unlimited SKU Range
Robotics solutions that can seamlessly handle a wide range of items without the need for additional machine learning training, allowing for versatile and efficient picking of various products in your operations.
Quick implementation
With the capability to be fully integrated and operational within just one week, this feature ensures a rapid and efficient deployment of the technology into your workflow, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
Bin Picking
Robotics technology is employed for precise tasks such as picking and induction items into production lines with exceptional precision, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in these operations.
Put Wall
A robotic "Put Wall" system streamlines the process of sorting incoming goods optimizing the order consolidation process in fulfilment warehouses.
Autonomous Navigation
This capability enables robotic arms to function seamlessly within dynamic scenarios, allowing them to pick items while in motion and engage in robot-to-goods interactions, extending the range of tasks they can perform.
This feature allows you to gain valuable insights into your operations by enriching your enterprise data management systems with information about individual items, the time spent on picking tasks, and the workload of various stages in your robotics-based processes, facilitating data-driven decision-making and process optimization.
Fleet Management
Centralized hub with a user-friendly interface for monitoring and managing the fleet of robots in the warehouse allows to monitor in real-time all the aspect of robots and react before failures are happened